Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

These Help pages can be downloaded here with the Winning Bridge Shareware game for Microsoft Windows 98+.

Scoring Above-The-Line

Penalties for failing to make a contract

One Down Each Extra Down After the Third Down
Non Vulnerable
Not Doubled 50 50 50
Doubled 100 200 300
Redoubled 200 400 600
Not Doubled 100 100 100
Doubled 200 300
Redoubled 400 600


For making a doubled contract

50 points (100 points if re-doubled)

Part Score

Bidding and making a contract with a value less than 100:  100  (duplicate scoring only)


Two to Nil:700

Two to One:500 (or a vulnerable game using duplicate scoring)

One Game: 300 ( non vulnerable game using duplicate scoring only)

Over tricks

Not Doubled Doubled Redoubled
Non Vulnerable Trick Value 100 200
Vulnerable Trick Value 200 400


Non Vulnerable Vulnerable
Small Slam  (6 bid & made) 500 750
Grand Slam (7 bid & made) 1000 1500

Honours points scored to the side holding the cards (not applied in duplicate scoring)

Any four honours in one hand in the contract suit 100

All five honours in one hand in the contract suit 150

All four aces in one hand in a no trump contract 150