Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

These Help pages can be downloaded here with the Winning Bridge Shareware game for Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP.

Standard Options

The Conventions Dialog lets you change some of the bidding conventions that a pair use. It is invoked by the Conventions Option menu.

The following options can be selected:

Opening No Trump

strong 15 to 17 points

very strong 16 to 18 points.

Response to a No Trump Open

Natural No special meaning



Four Card Prefer to open with a four card (or longer) major suit

Five Card Prefer to open with a five card (or longer) major suit.

Opening Two Bids

StandardNormal Standard bidding

Benjamin 2 Clubs: a hand that could make an normal two bid

2 Diamonds: equivalent to a normal 2 Clubs bid.

Slam Conventions

Blackwood bid 4 No Trump to ask for aces

Gerber bid 4 Clubs to ask for aces.

Takeout Doubles

Doubling an opposition suit bid when the partner has bid, requires the partner to bid his best suit.