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  • All prices are quoted in UK Pounds

    Winning Bridge 40.00
    The above price includes UK VAT (EU residents only) and world-wide airmail postage.
    Orders are sent on CD for Windows 98 or later.
    Prices guaranteed through December 2020.

    I am paying by:

    ( ) CHEQUE (made payable to Gerald Wilson)
    ( ) CASH (by registered mail only, please)

    THANK YOU FOR REGISTERING YOUR SHAREWARE! Important: Please print and fill out this form and send to the address below. If you are sending a cheque, it can only be accepted in UK Pounds, Euros or US Dollars drawn on an account in the UK, Euro Zone countries or USA respectively. We would appreciate it if you would tell us where did you first heard about this program. Thank you for your cooperation.

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    Send the completed registration form, along with payment to the Author at: Gerald Wilson, Winning Bridge Orders, 36, Ferndale Road, Church Crookham, FLEET, Hampshire, UK, GU52 6LN. E-mail and credit card orders are not accepted using this form.