Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge Software Download

There are two versions of the Winning Bridge software are available: shareware and registered. Both versions of this bridge playing software run under Windows 98+.

For details about the game please use the links on the left.

The shareware version of the game is free but does have some restrictions compared to the registered version. The restrictions can be seen on the Features page. To download the Shareware version of Winning Bridge software click here.

Attention ATI Rage Pro users: If your computer has an ATI Rage Pro graphics card you might find that the cards in Winning Bridge are not being displayed properly. To solve this problem you will need to upgrade your driver software. The latest driver can be downloaded for free from this link

The registered version can be downloaded for US$40 or purchased by mail order for UKú40 inclusive of any tax and delivery. The full registered version of the game can be purchased and downloaded


For mail order send a copy of the order form and your cheque payable to Gerald Wilson to:

  • Winning Bridge Orders
  • 36, Ferndale Road
  • Church Crookham
  • Hants
  • UK
  • GU52 6LN.

If you have previously registered Winning Bridge and have not yet been contacted about the upgrade offer (Version 3.9 for US$15) e-mail me your original order details (or what you can remember of them) and I will send you further details.

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