Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

What Users Say About Winning Bridge

Nancy Mills, New Zealand: "I need to thank you for your contribution to a bridge tournament in which I came second last weekend. The first time I've come above 4th. Lots of practice on playing, which is how I use your game."

John Rolfe, South Africa: "The reason you have been hearing so little from me recently is that my current version plays so much better than the earlier version. I have not been keeping score but I think, on average, I win more often than I'm beaten, but previously I know that I did."

Alec Read, England: "I am your greatest fan your sales must have trebled on my recommendations alone."

Mimi Hamlin, California: "In my view, it is still the best game on the market"

Bob Bensley, Australia: "I have quite a few bridge programs, but particularly enjoy winbri due to its simplicity and ease of play."

Stanley Hier, Compuserve: "I am trying to increase my skill at bidding and I have found that the program makes sensible bids from which I can learn."

Russell Gough, Compuserve: "Dear Gerald. thanks very much for the mail to say version 1.2 is on its way - As a new bridge player I am finding the Winbridge very helpful. Looking forward to the new version. From Rita Gough PS. (from her son, Russell) She plays this all day AND night! - cheers for such a user friendly implementation - my mum hardly uses computer except for your game.... PPS Wish you every success with it. She is proud to be first owner!"

Victor Degrazia, Compuserve: "my wife and I argue over who gets the first play at night. a great program"

Jack Drummond, Texas: "We love the program. My wife plays it a lot"

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