Winning Bridge

Winning Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why does the cursor keeps jumping about the screen?

A1. When it is your turn to play, the cursor will jump to the hand that is to play and be placed over a valid (but not necessarily the best) card. This feature can be turned off using the Options|Auto Cursor menu sequence. If you are not playing Winning Bridge and the cursor keeps jumping you should either clean the inside of the mouse or make sure that you are using the correct mouse driver software.

Q2. Why does the cursor not move to the hand?

A2. The cursor will only move to a hand if Options|Auto Cursor is selected and the cursor is within the playing area of the window.

Q3. Why does the last trick disappear so quickly when it is not my lead?

A3. East or West will lead the next trick after the playing interval has passed, after the playing of the last trick. If you want to examine the last trick after the next has started then you can using the Play|Review Trick menu sequence (or the short cut button). In the registered version you can set the play to manual which then requires you to click a button before the next trick is started.

Q4. Why does the computer bid so badly?

A4. There are several possible answers to this: The computer only understands the system and conventions described in the Help file. If you make a bid that has a different meaning, expect the computer to misunderstand. You might be using a convention that has not been selected in the conventions dialog. (Remember that any changes that you make are not saved in the Shareware version.) Bidding is often subjective. You might disagree with a bid but that does not necessarily make it a wrong bid. You might have found a bug in the program.

Q5. Why does the computer play so badly?

A5. Most of the answers to question 5 can be equally applied to play. There are some other factors to be aware of: Discards have no particular significance. Your discard will not be taken as signals or other indicators. High-low play in a suit will only be significant on the lead of a new suit (usually only the opening lead).

Q6. I am sure that I have found a bug. What should I do?

A6. If you get a dialog that says "Bad Card n", "SIDE Error" or bids the "Error" suit then you have found a bug. Save the hand and send it to the author (you will receive a free upgrade). Other bugs (bad bidding and play) can also be sent (with the BRD file for the hand) to the author. You will receive an explanation of the problem and, if it is a new problem that can be fixed, a free upgrade.

Q7. The bidding buttons obscure part of my hand. How can I stop this?

A7. This usually happens with VGA displays: the screen layout is designed for full screen display in VGA mode. The latest version of the game does allow for the Windows 98 Task bar. Try hiding the task bar.

Q8. The cards are all black. What should I do?

A8. Some early display drivers are not compatible with the graphics system used by Winning Bridge. You will need to update your graphics driver from the card maker's web site.

Q9. The cards are too close together. How can I make them further apart?

A9. If you make your Winning Bridge window wider the card will be spaced further apart.

Q10. How can I contact the author?

A10. You can contact the author either on:


Mail: Gerald Wilson, 36 Ferndale Road, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, UK, GU52 6LN.